Volunteer Roles

Designers are not the only people who help a greenspace come to fruition. COG offers a number of opportunities to become involved in the important work of making and improving community green spaces. Please email us at info@cogdesign.org if you’d like to join us!

“It was extremely rewarding to work with the designer, local residents, and town to create a beautiful garden that will brighten the community for years to come” -COGdesign Volunteer, 2016


A perfect job for an urban planner, landscape designer or landscape architect who has some knowledge of the design and/or city planning processes. Assist or mentor COG volunteer designers in the process, from facilitating community meetings and communication between clients and designers to being available for design advice. Most often this process runs from late fall or early winter into spring.


We are currently looking for volunteers to assist us with the planning of our 25th Anniversary event scheduled for September 17, 2022. We always need volunteer assistance with site and event photography, content creation for social media, graphic design, language translation and support with special events. Let us know how you can lend us your expertise. 


The Project Assessment team will be visiting COGdesign sites and documenting what state they’re in. We are interested in gathering information in order to better tell our story. How many projects have been built? How many need funding in order to come to fruition? How many are built but are in disrepair? How many of our community partners would like assistance in rejuvenating their spaces? Join this team and help us look at the big picture!


If you have non-profit experience and would be interested in joining our Board of Directors, we would love to hear from you. Our Board meets six times per year.  We are also seeking experienced individuals for positions on our Advisory Board, which meets annually, and our Board committees including Finance, Governance, and Programs, which meet monthly.