COGdesign celebrated their 25th Anniversary on September 17, 2022 at First Roxbury Church with presentations by community clients and The City of Boston’s Chief of Energy, Environment, and Open Space.

Green Growth Fund

Research on the importance of natural spaces continues to reaffirm what we have long known: our health depends on them. To honor our visionary founders and celebrate 25 years of building stronger communities, please consider making a donation to our Green Growth Fund. With additional funds, we can serve more clients, develop our newly initiated assessment project, and provide more guidance on maintenance to our past clients. We need your help to continue this work. Please give a generous, special donation to ensure that we can continue our important work for the next 25 years!

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Every sponsor that supports a COGdesign event will be recognized and thanked in the event materials and announcements.  Major sponsors of $2,000 and over will be included in event publicity, social media, and the event program. 

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    Big Green Connector - $2,000 minimum cash or cash + in-kindLittle Green Connector - $1,000 minimum cash or cash + in-kindPathway - $500 minimum cash or cash + in-kindStepping Stone - $250 minimum cash or cash + in-kindSeeds of Support - all other donations of cash or in-kind

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    Peace Garden, First Church of Roxbury

    Barnard Place Park, South Boston