Somerville Community Growing Center/ Tai Dinnan
Somerville Community Growing Center/ Tai Dinnan

The Somerville Community Growing Center, a quarter-acre site near Union Square, Somerville, was created 20 years ago as an “urban oasis” for environmental education and cultural performances. Over the past two decades of active use, the Growing Center’s landscape has changed: trees have grown to shade the site, limiting where the Growing Center can grow food for urban agriculture; the the lawn has been compacted by heavy equipment and use; and wooden structures are reaching the end of their natural life span.

COGdesign volunteers Eva Leung and Adam Davenport of Terra Cura are working with the community to

  • increase the yield of food and highlight principles of sustainable urban agriculture at the Growing Center,
  • make community gathering areas more accessible and easier to maintain,
  • and to improve water conservation throughout the site.