Germantown Circle Comes Together

Germantown rotary from above
Germantown rotary from above / Holly Samuels

The Germantown Rotary is the most prominent feature of Quincy’s largest public housing development. Thousands of people see it every day as they travel to more than 850 housing units. The rotary has many recently-planted trees, and a distinctive center “lighthouse,” but a lack of paths and plantings leaves it looking neglected and dull.

COGdesign volunteer designer Holly Samuels is working with the Quincy Housing Authority (QHA) staff and residents to redesign the rotary to better serve residents’ needs and to make a more beautiful entrance to the Germantown properties. From her meetings with QHA stakeholders, Holly compiled several goals:

  • Plan new plantings that are attractive and interesting to look at year-round.
  • Make a clear pathway to walk from one side of the circle to the other.
  • GIve residents and friends a place to sit and enjoy nature and each other.
  • GIve small children a place to play and their family members a place to sit while watching them.
  • Give some screening to things outside the rotary (cars and electric boxes).
  • Keep a large, open area for public gatherings.
  • Make a nice area at the center of the circle around Shedd’s light.

Holly’s draft designs achieve all these goals, with attractive spiral planting beds, distinctive paving, and benches for stopping to admire this gateway to so many homes.

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Draft Germantown Rotary design/ Holly Samuels
Draft Germantown Rotary design/ Holly Samuels
Draft Germantown Rotary design/ Holly Samuels