COGdesign Calls for New Projects

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The Roxbury YMCA garden after planting
The Roxbury YMCA garden, a COGdesign project.

The Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design (COGdesign) is seeking community groups from underserved areas of Boston and eastern Massachusetts to receive pro-bono landscape design and landscape architecture services. Applications for spring 2017 projects are due on Friday, September 16. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday, September 30.

The application form is available at COGdesign will also be accepting applications for new project sites in January, 2017 for summer projects and May, 2017 for the fall.

COGdesign provides underserved communities with pro-bono landscape design services to bring healthy, attractive, and useful open space to their neighborhoods. COGdesign clients include historical societies, low-income, elderly, and disabled housing developments, community gardens, park “friends” groups, and nonprofits: past project sites range in size from schoolyard gardens to city parks.

For more information, contact COGdesign at or 781-642-6662.