About Rosalie Johnson

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Rosalie Johnson
Rosalie Johnson

Rosalie Fiske Johnson (1937-2003) came from a long line of New Englanders in love with landscape and nature. She co-founded Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design (COGdesign) in 1995 with fellow classmate, Lucia Droby while they were attending the landscape design program atRadcliffe Seminars, Harvard University.

Rosalie infused her passion for life and people into the enhancement of outdoor spaces for the benefit and enjoyment of others. It was her desire to bring quality design services to those people and communities who would most benefit. At the same time, while executing these urban projects, she created COGdesign as a venue for fellow students to further develop their design skills. Rosalie was recognized by the Boston Society of Landscape Architects and colleagues as a giving, talented, and inspirational designer.

The Rosalie Johnson Fund was established in 2003 to honor Rosalie and to promote her vision of a better, greener world. The Fund directly supports COGdesign’s project work and the public workshops, events, and project showcases that Rosalie so enjoyed organizing. Donate now.

"Adventure Path" by Rosalie Johnson
“Adventure Path” by Rosalie Johnson